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Heart-Leaf Philodendron


Heart-Leaf Philodendron Philodendron cordatum This popular Philodendron is fast-growing and easy to care for. This climbing plant features lush, green, glossy heart-shaped leaves that will add a tropical feel to your home, balcony or courtyard. Perfect for low-light area when planted amongst other tropical style plants. Since it's hardy and low maintenance it's ideal for beginner gardeners.

Epipremnum Aureum 'Devils Ivy'


Common name/s: Devil's Ivy, Pothos Epipremnum aureum The OG! This popular evergreen is known for its variegated green and yellow leaves. It is robust and easy to care for. The vines can scramble for well over a metre. You can allow it to climb a pole or hang over the planter.  

Rose Painted Calathea


Common name/s: Rose Painted Calathea Calathea roseopicta Calathea roseopicta - or Rose Painted Calathea - is a popular, relatively undemanding, indoor plant with beautiful peacock markings on its leaves. The vibrant pink edges become lighter - almost white - as the plant matures. Native to Brasil, this plant is part of the prayer plant family (Marantaceae) which will fold its leaves up at night time as if in prayer. Calathea enjoy bright indirect light, avoiding direct sunlight. They like their soil to remain moist but not soggy.    

Spathiphyllum Domino 'Variegated Peace Lily'


Variegated Peace Lily Spathiphyllum cv. 'Domino The Domino is a variegated cultivar of the plant commonly known as Peace Lily. It features glossy, deep green leaves with speckled white variegation. Its blooms are large and white, typical of the Spathiphyllum family. This plant is a great quirky variant of a classic house plant. An extremely hardy plant, it will tolerate low light and inconsistent watering. However for best growth and to encourage flowering, a bright spot with frequent watering is preferred.

Calathea Sanderiana


Common name/s: Pinstripe Calathea Calathea ornata  Sanderiana is a stunning type of Calathea that features prominent pin pinstripes radiating across deep green leaves (hence the common name "Pinstripe Calathea"). The undersides of the leaf are a deep purple. This is a perfect eye-catching indoor plant. It likes its soil staying moist but not soggy. Avoid direct sunlight which might scorch its leaves

Philodendron Heart-Leaf Neon


Common name/s: Lime/Gold/Neon Heart Leaf Philodendron Philodendron hederaceum var. oxycardium This is a brightly coloured version of the popular 'Heart Leaf Philodendron'. Its glossy, heart-shaped leaves are vivid shades of yellow. They are very popular house plants due to their low care requirements and tolerance of a range of conditions. They enjoy bright indirect light but will continue to grow in a low light setting. They prefer to dry out between waterings.  

Ficus Elastica 'Splash'


Common name/s: Rubber Plant Ficus elastica 'Splash' This new Ficus variety features marbled variegated yellow and pink leaves with dark splashes of green. One for the Ficus collectors! Ficus Elastica are easy care and tolerate a wide variety of household conditions. Bright indirect light will help maintain the vibrant colours. Avoid overwatering.    

Calathea Fasciata


Common name/s: Calathea Fasciata Goeppertia fasciata syn. Calathea fasciata Calathea fasciata is a beautiful foliage plant with strikingly attractive leaves. It belongs to the family of Marantaceae. With its large, round, thick leaves with alternating shades of deep green and grass green. Prominent veins along with purple underside is a dream come true for foliage lovers. The pleasant to the eyes stripes with a blend of equally soothing shades is a unique indoor plant that cannot be left unnoticed. 

Philodendron 'Black Cardinal'


Common name/s:  Philodendron Black Cardinal Philodendron erubescens hybrid Rich bronze and chocolate glossy leaves give dramatic contrast in shady tropical borders, and make for impressive neat indoor plants in low light rooms. Black Cardinal belongs to the Philodendron genus and the Araceae family, and it comes from the frost-free regions of Central and South America and the Caribbean forests. In recent years, various hybrids of the Philodendron erubescens have become popular indoor plants. They are low maintenance and hardy.

Begonia 'Dibs Tuxedo'



Common name/s: Begonia Dibs Tuxedo Begonia rex hybrid This Rex Begonia features leaves with a dark center and dark edges accented by a light silver green middle leaf. Fantastic leaf forms and colors characterize the Rex Begonia. Suitable as a house plant, they also shine as a container accent or bedding plant in shady locations. Preferring full shade, they will also tolerate some indirect sun which serves to deepen the red and purple tones. Their native environment is typically high humidity and low light, but do not overwater. Allow to dry down somewhat between waterings.

Peperomia Caperata Variegata


Common name/s: Variegated Ripple Peperomia Peperomia caperata variegata Peperomia are growing in popularity due to their ease of care and stunning foliage. This Peperomia features variegated rippled leaves in shades of green, pink and cream. The leaves sit upon pink stems. They are compact making them perfect for a desktop or windowsill plant. They will enjoy bright indirect light and moderate watering.



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