Caladium Lindenii 'Magnificum'




Common name/s: Angel Wing

Caladium Lindenii syn. Xanthosoma Lindenii syn. Phyllotaenium Lindenii

Caladium Lindenii ‘Magnificum’, part of the Araceae family, are native to tropical Central America. They can be identified by their large, green, arrowhead shaped leaves with prominent white-cream coloured veins. It is commonly known as the ‘Angel Wing’ plant amongst house plant fanatics for its unique, stand-out patterning. This house plant variety is less common than others and makes an awesome talking piece for your indoor jungle. Caladium are a tuberous plant which means the leaves will die back and it will go dormant. Once the plant has died back, save the underground tubers and come summer you will have beautiful new leaves!

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