Propagation Plate By Botanopia



Turn any jar, cup or vase into a propagation and germination vessel with these stylish porcelain plates.

Place the plate atop your jar then pop a cutting or germinated seed on the plate and watch as your cutting or seed grows. 

The plates are available with either an 11mm hole or 28mm hole. The plates are ideal for propagating cuttings, succlents and cacti.

Designed in the Netherlands by Botanopia, each plate is hand-made. They are shipped in a stylish box with instructions, making it a perfect gift for a plant friend.

Visit the Botanopia How To Sprout page for an extensive collection of videos demonstrating the propagation and germination of a variety of plants and seeds (including an avocado!).


Material: porcelain

Weight 70g

Size: 11x11x3cm



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