Maranta Leuconeura var. Erythroneura



Common name/s: Red Vein Prayer Plant, Red Vein Maranta

Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura

‘Prayer plant’ is a colloquial term that refers to members of genus Maranta, to which genus Calathea is closely-related. The name comes from the tendency of plants in this family to close, or ‘pray’ at night. One of the most popular prayer plants in cultivation is the Red Vein Prayer Plant. This variety is currently one of the most popular indoor varieties for plant lovers, and its easy to see why - the foliage is stunning! This guy loves to be situated in light shade or dappled light. They also love humidity, so make sure you mist the leaves often or cluster several plants together to create a humid microclimate. Water regularly and don't let its roots dry out completely.

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