Watermelon Peperomia // Small Parchment Planter




Looking for a green gift? Maybe just a little something for your home? Our potted plant range features beautiful, easy care plants in a range of stylish and versatile planters. We pot them together and deliver straight to your door!

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The Plant: The Watermelon Peperomia is one of the most "on trend" house plants at the moment. It has large, glossy leaves that resembles the skin of a watermelon. Peperomia are fairly easy to care for and will tolerate a range of home conditions. It will enjoy medium indirect light and modest watering. It is about 25cm tall.

The Planter: This classic planter is the perfect combination of form and function. The popular Parchment colour is suitable for any interior. It features a drainage hole with a saucer. Its is 10cm x 12.5cm.

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