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Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese Money Plant'


Chinese Money Plant Pilea peperomioides The Pilea Peperomioides is known by many names, including the Chinese Money Plant, the UFO plant, or the missionary plant. Noted for its unique pad-like foliage in an eye-catching bright shade of green, this plant has been growing in popularity in recent years. It is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in a bright spot near a window, but it is best to keep the plant out of direct sunlight as too much direct sun can cause the leaves to burn. It is fast-growing and produces cute baby plants!  

Peperomia 'Jelly'


Common name/s: Peperomia Jelly Peperomia clusiifolia Peperomia clusiifolia 'Jelly' has gorgeous, wide oval-shaped leaves with amazingly colourful pink and cream edges. If you are looking for something a little different, then this little gem is the one for you. Peperomia are very much on trend: they are easy to look after and look great displayed on small tables and shelves. They may produce spikes of green-white flowers. They will enjoy a bright spot but will tolerate low light. Avoid overwatering.  

Peperomia 'String of Turtles'


Common name/s: String of Turtles, Jade Necklace, Jade of Hearts Peperomia prostrata This miniature member of the Peperomia family had cute, delicate leaves that resemble the shell of a turtle, hence the common name. Its delicately patterned leaves will keep you staring for ages! This is a must-have for indoor plant collectors. As a semi-succulent it enjoys bright indirect light and dislikes overwatering.

Watermelon Peperomia


Watermelon Peperomia Peperomia argyreia The must have plant! This extremely popular Peperomia is distinguished by its rounded, fleshy leaves marked with silver and dark green stripes that resemble the markings of a watermelon. Watermelon peperomia is well suited for planting in containers or hanging baskets. It enjoys bright indirect light and dislikes overwatering.

Red Vein Maranta


Common name/s: Red Vein Prayer Plant, Red Vein Maranta Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura ‘Prayer plant’ is a colloquial term that refers to members of genus Maranta, to which genus Calathea is closely-related. The name comes from the tendency of plants in this family to close, or ‘pray’ at night. One of the most popular prayer plants in cultivation is the Red Vein Prayer Plant. This variety is currently one of the most popular indoor varieties for plant lovers, and its easy to see why - the foliage is stunning! This guy loves to be situated in light shade or dappled...

Peperomia Obtusifolia 'Marble'


Peperomia Marble Peperomia obtusifolia  This cute Peperomia flaunts its highly variegated leaves with style! Variegated cream-white marbling features on a background of deep green. Peperomia are hugely popular due to their ease of care and stunning foliage colouring. This version is no exception - it will thrive in broad range of conditions and is tolerate of missing a watering! It will enjoy a warm spot with bright indirect light.    

Ctenanthe Pilosa 'Golden Mosaic'


Common name/s: Golden Variegated Ctenanthe Ctenanthe pilosa cv. 'Golden Mosaic' We simply love plants with variegated foliage and this marvellous Golden Variegated Ctenanthe is certainly one of them. Ctenanthe pilosa is a species of the genus Ctenanthe that comprises of about 16 species of flowering plants and are popularly grown for their often strikingly beautiful foliage. Golden Mosaic features dramatic lime and yellow variegation on deep green leaf blades. Keep soil moist but not soggy. It enjoys bright indirect light but avoid prolonged direct sunlight.  

Black Maranta


Common name/s: Black Maranta Maranta leuconeura var. massangeana  This rare Maranta features oval leaves with a silver midvein framed by a blush of rich purple-black—all feathered by thin silver stripes stretching from the centers to the green margins. Each leaf is unique and will show variations in coloration, including some leaves with only silver patterns.  This plant was grown and sold to us as Maranta leuconeura var. massangeana, however there are some variances that suggests it is actually a variety that has not been formally described.

Peperomia Caperata Variegata


Common name/s: Variegated Ripple Peperomia Peperomia caperata variegata Peperomia are growing in popularity due to their ease of care and stunning foliage. This Peperomia features variegated rippled leaves in shades of green, pink and cream. The leaves sit upon pink stems. They are compact making them perfect for a desktop or windowsill plant. They will enjoy bright indirect light and moderate watering.



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