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Clay pebbles - also known as LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) - are small balls of baked clay which are growing in popularity among both beginner and experienced plant parents. Use as a stand-alone growing medium (instead of soil), add to your potting mix to increase aeration, or layer at the base of pots to promote root health.

Our 2L and 5L pouches are ideal for approximately two and five medium-sized pots respectively.

We use Canna Aqua pebbles, which are highly porous and have a high air content which stimulate the development of strong roots. They are inorganic, have a neutral pH, are fungus free and will not rot.

The consistently round shape provides a high degree of aeration, which ensures quick drainage and unrestricted root growth. Clay pebbles ensures your plants are less susceptible to pest, disease and rot than other solid substrates.

  • 2L pouch
  • Premium Canna Aqua pebbles
  • Provides aeration and drainage
  • Less susceptibility to pest and disease

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